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The museum is temporarily closed. Experience twice as much Rubens after the renovation

What happens to our collection?

Text: The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

During the closure, the Rubens House will be a guest in other museums. Discover here where you can view the collection of the Rubens House.

Medewerkers halen het zelfportret van Rubens van de muur

Behind the scenes

Renovating a historic artist's home is easier said than done. Before the renovation can begin, the collection has to move. Where do you move the art objects? What are the risks of such a move? And what about transport? Behind the scenes, we are working hard to keep everything on track. You can read how we do that here.

House and garden

Rubens, one of the greatest artists of all time, lived here with his wife and children. Here he painted in his majestic studio, together with his employees. Here he strolled and philosophized with friends in his garden. Here he cherished his peerless art collection. Here he died in 1640. Rubens really shows who he was in his house.


"His house will elicit the astonishment of strangers, the admiration of travellers" Town clerk of Antwerp in 1620.


Most of Rubens's works were created in this studio. Here he demonstrated his talent as a painter and organiser.


The current garden is a reconstruction of the garden in Rubens's time. An oasis of peace and quiet in the bustling city.

Courtyard and portico

Step into Rubens's world through the main portico, which gives out on to the elegant courtyard. The portico connects the house and studio and also served as a magnificent gateway to the garden.

Discover our collection

The collection includes a large number of works by the master himself and by his famous colleagues and contemporaries. And, as if you still needed that, there are even more good reasons to visit the Rubens House.



The permanent collection contains a large number of works by the master himself and by his peers and contemporaries. These are the masterpieces that you cannot afford to miss.

Zelfportret Rubens

Acquisitions and loans

The Rubens House continues to add to its permanent collection. Take a look at our acquisitions and loans here.

Art and everyday implements

Rubens undoubtedly lived in lavish surroundings. He decorated his home with objects that matched the architecture of his house and which reflected his social status and good taste.


Caring for our collection

The Rubens House works with independent restorers or the Restoration and Conservation Service of the museums of the City of Antwerp for all restoration work. This passionate team specialises in the conservation and restoration of all the collections of the city's museums.