Working at Rubenshuis

No two days are the same when you work at the Rubenshuis. Take a look through our vacancies, internship or volunteering opportunities.  

Working at Rubenshuis

Working in Rubens’ entourage 

At the Rubenshuis, no two days are the same. We carry out research, organise activities, set up national (or international) collaborations and welcome art-lovers from around the world. Each member of staff does what they do best. From staff working at reception to librarians, cleaners and security staff, each person dedicates their efforts to their role, while doing everything they can to form a strong team together.      

Want to join our team as a staff member, intern or volunteer? Take a look below at the positions available and view the requirements.  


We have no vacancies at the present time 


  • Work and research positions  
  • As an intern, you are a fully integrated member of our team  
  • Effective monitoring and good supervision  
  • We only offer internships as part of a recognised course of training or study  
  • Send your application and covering letter to  

Working as a volunteer 

  • We offer an extensive range of volunteer positions  
  • Support roles at reception, in the Library and during events  
  • Maintenance roles, including in the garden  
  • To apply for one of these positions, send an e-mail to