Artist's residence

Rubens was a citizen of the world, but always returned to Antwerp, the city he knew best. He bought a house there and converted it into a city palace in the Italian style. It was here that he lived and worked for the rest of his days. The residence itself is closed for restoration, but you can get a great view of it from the garden.  

Artist's residence

The artist's residence is temporarily closed due to renovations until 2030.

Plan your visit

So it isn't possible to visit the inside at the moment. But even without the artist's residence, the Rubenshuis is still worth a visit. And you won't miss out on a single detail about the life and work of the world-famous artist. Immerse yourself in a realm of sound, light and discovery in the Rubens Experience, wander among the over 17,500 plants in the inner garden or browse page after page of art history in the library.      


More about the artist's residence

Rubens travelled a lot. And on each journey to a distant place, he always missed his home on the square in Antwerp known as the Wapper. It was there that he had everything he'd ever dreamed of. His family, his studio and his formidable collection of books and art. That was where he lived life to the full and found the inspiration for his masterpieces.  


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Want to see inside his head, instead of seeing his house?

If so, simply make your way to the Rubens Experience.