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Theodoor I Rogiers

This stunning ewer and basin are fashioned after the typical set that people used to use to wash themselves. However this set was not an implement for daily use. It was a showpiece, an astonishing example of craftsmanship.

The ewer and basin are lavishly decorated and the form is far from practical. It is a showpiece, an astonishing example of craftsmanship.


References to water

All the scenes that have been hammered into the silver refer to water. In the centre of the basin, the biblical story of the chaste Susannah is portrayed as she bathes and is spied upon by two old men. The ewer meanwhile depicts the birth of the goddess of love, Venus, as she rises from the sea and her crowning by the Three Graces.


Once belonged to Rubens

The ensemble probably belonged to Rubens at one time. It remained in the possession of Rubens's descendants until 1999.



  • Theodoor I Rogiers (1602-c.1654)
  • Ewer and basin
  • Silver