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Zicht op het Rubenshuis vanuit de tuin 2 © Ans Brys

The Rubens House renews

The museum is temporarily closed. Experience twice as much Rubens after the renovation


Reception building and revamped garden Rubens House opens in summer 2024

The Rubens House will open its brand-new reception building in the summer of 2024. Designed by Robbrecht and Daem architects, the building is the entrance to Rubens' universe.

The facade is a swirling spectacle of hundreds of columns. The building is full of references to Rubens' art, such as the large spiral staircases with their upward movement, and is conceived as two giant bookcases facing each other. There you visit the immersive experience, where you stand eye to eye with Rubens. At the back, you enter the Rubens House's new garden. This baroque garden displays colour 365 days a year and shines in every season. With more than 17,000 plants, this becomes a museum hall without a ceiling. Rubens's gardeners Willem and Jasper will tell you in all colours what happened here.

Want to delve even further into the 17th century? Then you are welcome in the library to browse among the books and manuscripts. Moreover, there you have a wonderful view of Rubens' house and garden. 

The reception building and garden will festively open in the summer of 2024. The house where Rubens lived and worked is still closed for renovation. 

We are renovating

Banner Text: Rubens House Renews

The Rubens House renews

The museum is temporarily closed. Experience twice as much Rubens after the renovation

Rubens will enjoy a new city palace. In the coming years, we will prepare the historic artist's home for the future.

Text: The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

During the closure, the Rubens House will be a guest in other museums. Discover here where you can view the collection of the Rubens House.


Tekening van de Calvinistische tempel (gemaakt door Joris Snaet)

Calvinist temple from 16th century discovered in Rubens House

At the beginning of this year, we started rebuilding the garden. During the groundwork, archaeologists made a curious discovery. They found remains of a Calvinist temple from the religious era. For decades, the existence of that temple has been something of an urban legend, which has now finally been confirmed. Earlier, archaeologists also found a goat tannery from the 14th century.

Slag bij Ivry

Nine masterpieces shine at MAS

Discover them in the 'Rare & Indispensable' expo

The Flemish Masterpiece Decree celebrates its 20th anniversary. To celebrate, the exhibition 'Rare & Indispensable' opens at the MAS at the end of October. This expo presents a selection of just under 100 works from the Flemish Masterpiece List. And no fewer than nine of these are from the Rubens House collection.


Renovations extend to Kolveniershof

The museum is currently closed for expansion and renovation. Works on the new building and garden are on schedule. The plan for the museum has been updated: read more here.

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