Artwork documentation

The most comprehensive documentation on early modern Flemish art in the world? You'll find that at the Rubenshuis. Delve into thousands of documentation folders, arranged by artist's name.  

Artwork documentation

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The artwork documentation's main focus is in painting and drawing from the 16th and 17th centuries in the Southern Netherlands. 1500 artists, good for 220 running metres of material. Luminaries including Peter Paul Rubens, Jacques Jordaens and Anthony Van Dyck are of course included, but less well-known masters are too. And there are even some secret works of art by anonymous creative minds. Who knows, maybe you will identify the creator of one of these undiscovered gems. Your help is always appreciated in any case.  

Ludwig Burchard 

The unique collection of Ludwig Burchard forms the centrepiece of this artwork documentation. And above all the information he collected on Flemish art of the 16th and 17th centuries. This includes photos, reproductions, newspaper clippings and archival references. A personal working archive bursting with possibilities. Not a monotonous image bank to shape your research, but tangible and eclectic artefacts you can spend hours rummaging around in. With respect for the materials, of course.  

Systematic digging 

The artwork documentation is ingeniously arranged. First geographically, then chronologically, then by medium, alphabetically by artist's name and then thematically by genre. The ideal starting point to answer your own research questions and along the way ... encounter a whole host of new ones. Art continues to invite and amaze.   

The artwork documentation (excluding Rubens) is accessible on open shelves in the new library of the Rubenshuis. You can easily request other folders online.