Experience Rubens through the eyes of passionate art experts and art history institutions. From what perspective do they look at the Flemish visual arts from the 16th and 17th centuries? 


Unique documents 

The library of the Rubenshuis manages a collection of art historical research archives from various art experts and art history institutions. An impressive body of research, packaged in extensive artwork documentation and individual collections. This includes unique research documents on individual artists - such as Van Dyck, Rubens and Bruegel the Elder - or a specific topic within Flemish art of the 16th and 17th centuries

Unravelling Rubens and his contemporaries

The archives give researchers and other interested parties a unique insight into the working and thinking process of an art historian. From start to finish. And that includes German researcher Ludwig Burchard. He played a pioneering role in the research on Rubens and, through his archive, enabled countless colleagues to look over his shoulder during the process. The goal of Burchard and his fellow researchers? To get to know Rubens inside out. To fathom and document him as no one had ever done before. You can peruse the results of these efforts in the archives.    

Delve online in the overview of the art history research archives. Or request them from our library.