Who is who 

Forty staff members with a passion for Rubens: we'd love to introduce them to you!  

Who is who 

Recreating Rubens's spirit (and team spirit) today

Rubens always made sure he was surrounded by pupils and staff who doing what they did best. And we don't want to do any less! Day in, day out, our staff always work to the best of their ability to deliver an unforgettable experience for you, our visitors. Whether they do that in plain sight or behind the scenes, all of them are living up to Rubens's wish to ensure that every visitor receives a warm welcome and a healthy dose of inspiration.  

Get to know our team: 


  • Bert Watteeuw: director
  • Marieke D'Hooghe: project leader
  • Annemie Breëns: transition manager 
  • Simon Goyvaerts: business assistant

Collection and library

  • Martine Maris: curator artist's residence
  • Abigail Newman: research curator
  • Veerle Allaert: administrative assistant
  • Monique Kontzen: conservation and collection management assistant
  • Klara Alen: research curator historical garden 
  • Elise Gacoms: coordinator content, digitization & data
  • Ute Staes: librarian and curator of research collections
  • Martine Van de Poel: library and reading room assistant
  • Inez Bricteux: library and reading room assistant
  • Saar Vandeweghe: project manager digitizing the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard
  • Katrijn Vervloet: project coordinator 'Moving the Rubenianum'

Front of house and audience engagement

  • Liene Conard: coordinator of audience engagement
  • Maria Vasquez: audience engagement 
  • Stijn Doumen: audience engagement 
  • Colette Van den Bossche: event coordinator
  • Johanna Schavey: administrative assistant
  • Wouter Goossens: receptionist
  • Tinne Lernout:  receptionist
  • Antje Denissen: receptionist

Communication and press

  • Harlinde Pellens: communication
  • Jeroen Lagrou: communication
  • Louise Govaerts: communication
  • Nadia De Vree: press officer Antwerp City Museums


  • Michiel Schul: facilities manager

Centrum Rubenianum 

  • Nils Büttner: chairman
  • Isabelle Van Tichelen: director of publications and treasurer
  • Bert Schepers: senior editor
  • Brecht Vanoppen: editor