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7_Zicht op de binnenplaats en de portiek van het Rubenshuis, foto Ans Brys.jpg Ans Brys

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Take an online tour or learn everything about Rubens' life.

Online tours

The Rubens House in 3D

Due to the renovation of the Rubens House, you cannot visit the museum. But virtually you can still discover Rubens' city palace!

Portiek en tuinpaviljoen Rubenshuis

360° photography reveals secrets of restored portico and garden pavilion

Why did Rubens incorporate an ox skull in the portal? What is the meaning of the Latin proverbs above the portico entrances? Why did Rubens place a statue of Hercules in his garden pavilion? A unique online tour featuring 360° photography uncovers the portico and pavilion’s secrets and brings to life some rare traces of Rubens the architect.

About Rubens and his life

About Rubens

He was capable of everything and knew everything. He was a brilliant and versatile artist, run a large studio, spoke several languages, collected art, designed his own home, travelled around Europe as a diplomat and was interested in science. Rubens was well-versed in almost everything.