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Mensen op het binnenplein

About the museum

The brilliant and versatile artist Rubens lived in this palazzo with his family. Here he also painted with his colleagues and assistants. He created many of his paintings in this house, in the centre of Antwerp. The museum has an interesting collection but also shows visitors how the master lived and worked.

Support us

Ligt het Rubenshuis u na aan het hart? U kunt hieraan bijdragen door het museum te steunen: als vriend, als vrijwilliger, als schenker of als sponsor. De Vlaamse overheid geeft jaarlijks structurele subsidies aan het Rubenshuis. Zonder deze steun zou de werking van het Rubenshuis niet mogelijk zijn.

Standbeelden op de portiek


The Rubens House opened as a museum in 1946. From this time onwards, the employees have strived every day to showcase the versatility of Rubens to the largest possible audience. Find out more about who works at the museum and how we achieve this.


He was capable of everything and knew everything. He was a brilliant and versatile artist, run a large studio, spoke several languages, collected art, designed his own home, travelled around Europe as a diplomat and was interested in science. Rubens was well-versed in almost everything.