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Out and about in Antwerp

The Rubens House recommends

If you want to get to know Rubens’s city, you could not find a better guide than the master himself. The Rubens House has made a list for you and recommends some routes around Antwerp.

Antwerp, like Rubens himself, has many faces: so our selection is not limited to museums, churches and markets. It provides a wonderful mix of what the city has to offer these days: in one, two or three days.

Choose one of the three routes and let yourself be guided around the places where Rubens himself used to go, stroll around the streets that were so familiar to him and visit his friends. During your visit to Antwerp you will find Rubens all around you in the city that he called home.

Antwerp in 1 day

Discover Antwerp in 24 hours.

Antwerp in 2 days

Discover Antwerp in 48 hours.

Antwerp in 3 days

Discover Antwerp in 72 hours.

Practical tips for the walking tours

Our practical tips will guard against unpleasant surprises. They will save you time and money. Do take a look at them before starting out on one of the walks.

Antwerp Museum App

Your personal guide to Antwerp’s museums and around the city

The Antwerp Museum App has information about all Antwerp museums in a single app. With this app you can follow walking tours around several of the city’s museums and around the city itself.