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The museum is open

The museum's garden closes. Museum spaces will remain open until 8 January 2023. Find out what this means for your visit here.

To better accommodate visitors in the future, the Rubens House is improving its infrastructure. The Rubens House will remain open until 8 January 2023. All the museum spaces will remain open until then. The garden will close from 17 October for the construction of the new garden design.

Garden construction is seasonal and this is the best period. Because of the works, the museum visit will change slightly. The Rubens House will become more difficult to access.

Find out here what the works mean for your visit to the museum. Not found the answer to your question? Contact us at and a museum staff member will be happy to help you.  

Is the museum open?

The Rubens House will remain open until 8 January 2023. Then the museum will close.

What is there to see?

All the museum spaces will remain open. The garden and courtyard will not be accessible. The courtyard and portico remain visible. The facade on the Wapper will not be fully visible.

Is the museum accessible?

The Rubens House will become more difficult to access. The museum remains partially accessible to people with reduced mobility. Planning a visit to the museum? Contact us before purchasing your e-ticket so that we can provide you with sufficient information. 

How many visitors are allowed in?

The number of visitors per time block is limited. Fifty visitors are admitted per half hour.

Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?

Time blocks sell out quickly. You are advised to purchase an e-ticket in advance. Buy your ticket here.

How much does a ticket cost?

A ticket to the Rubens House costs €12 or €8. Buy your ticket here.

Can I still buy a ticket at the location?

At the front desk, you can purchase tickets on the day of your visit. At the museum, we have a cash-free payment system.

However, tickets for your chosen time slot may already be sold out. We therefore recommend that you book your ticket online in advance.

Does admission to the museum change?      

Visitors should check in at the glass pavilion in front of the Rubens House. You can then go to the museum. Access to the museum is changing temporarily. You enter through the second gate, which is visible on the façade of the Rubens House.

Does the route at the museum change?  

The route is changing a bit. A temporary passage will lead you to the start of the museum trail.

Does the exit route out of the museum change?

The exit route out of the museum is changing. You must leave the museum through the temporary entrance.

Are group visits still possible?

Group visits remain possible, with and without a guide. Click here for more information.

Will the shop remain open?    

The museum shop will remain open until 8 January 2023.

Can I go to the toilet during my visit?   

The toilets are located at the entrance to the museum trail. It is best to visit the bathrooms before starting your museum visit.    

Is there a work zone?

Yes, a work zone is required. The facade and courtyard are part of the work area. The facade on the Wapper is not fully visible.

Why are the works on the garden starting? 

Garden construction is seasonal. The anticipated period is the best period for the reconstruction.

What is happening to the plants in the current garden?  

For the reconstruction, all plants, hedges and trees will be removed. Only the yew tree will remain. New locations have been found for as many plants and materials as possible. 

  • The benches, the statues from the pergola, the cobblestones, the tiles from the courtyard, the slate coping stones and the balustrade from the steps will be reused in the new garden and courtyard;
  • The large yew has special ecological and heritage value and will be preserved. The vases, globe crowns from the steps and orangery tubs also remain;
  • The tiles from the current steps, yew hedges and perennials from the parterres will be moved and used elsewhere in Antwerp;
  • The 7 linden trees that will be uprooted will be made into items for the new museum shop or used as materials in workshops, etc. at the museum.

How long will the work on the garden take?

Work on the garden will run from mid-October to April 2023. Afterwards, the plants in the garden will be given time to grow. The garden will be accessible again when the museum reopens.  


Planning to visit the museum? 

Plan your visit here and reserve your ticket online in advance.


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