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SPEAR_DRIESLUYTEN-20.jpg Dries Luyten

Street artist creates gigantic mural in the garden of the rubens house

Rubens continues to inspire. Spear, a street artist, is also fascinated by the master’s art, creating a mural on a 40-metre-long site hoarding in the garden of the Rubens House. You could see Spear at work on his mural in the museum garden until 19 June.

The Rubens House is refurbishing and work is already ongoing. The museum, however, decided to make a virtue of necessity, giving street artist and painter Spear the opportunity to use the site hoarding in the museum garden as a gigantic canvas. Brussels-based Corentin Binard, or Spear as he is better known on the street artist scene, painted a symbolic representation of peace, drawing on the work of Rubens, who was a diplomat, brokering peace in many ways.

Fascination for the body

Spear’s work often features references to old masters. He admires their technique and narrative power. This definitely also applies to Rubens, whose fascination for the male and female body is reflected in Spear’s work. The Rubentian combination of colours, lines and light is reflected in his contemporary street art. Besides the human body, the mural also features other elements from Rubens’s work such as satyrs, angels, fabrics, clouds, landscapes and movement.

Find out more about Spear

Corentin Binard, or Spear, is a Brussels-based painter and street artist who draws on old art movements for inspiration. He is fascinated by old masters, their technique, and the tremendous narrative power of their paintings. At the same time, he is also inspired by contemporary artists, combining the best of both world in his own work.

Spear has travelled the world, creating murals in more than 20 countries. Spear’s paintings always seek to convey a social message. He portrays people as emotional creatures, in an ever-changing world. In his last project, ‘invisibles', he presented the stories of twenty homeless people, whom he met on the street.