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Nine masterpieces shine at MAS

Discover them in the 'Rare & Indispensable' expo

The Flemish Masterpiece Decree celebrates its 20th anniversary. To celebrate, the exhibition 'Rare & Indispensable' opens at the MAS at the end of October. This expo presents a selection of just under 100 works from the Flemish Masterpiece List. And no fewer than nine of these are from the Rubens House collection.

Renovations extend to Kolveniershof

The museum is currently closed for expansion and renovation. Works on the new building and garden are on schedule. The plan for the museum has been updated: read more here.

Calvinist temple from 16th century discovered in Rubens House

At the beginning of this year, we started rebuilding the garden. During the groundwork, archaeologists made a curious discovery. They found remains of a Calvinist temple from the religious era. For decades, the existence of that temple has been something of an urban legend, which has now finally been confirmed. Earlier, archaeologists also found a goat tannery from the 14th century.

Rubens House transformed into a sensual carnival of poetry

Poet, performer and poetry emissary Lotte Dodion’s work spans numerous literary genres, from haikus to the spoken word. She is seeking inspiration in every nook and cranny of the city...and now it's time for her to use the Rubens House as a canvas for her poetry! But she won't be doing it alone: she has invited five other poets to come and show their most intimate side. Where better to do that than in the stately halls of the illustrious painter of sumptuous female portraits?

Voetvolk dances into Rubens House with a tryout of Nomadics

With a tryout of their latest performance, the dancers of Voetvolk are once again bringing movement to the Rubens House. Rubens was a master at bringing movement to his works! His mythological figures sometimes seem to actually dance...

Traces of the past

Archaeological finds in the garden of Rubens

Work on our new museum garden is in full swing. With all that digging on a historical site, archaeological finds would come to light sooner or later. In several places, the City of Antwerp Archaeology Department has already found traces of the past, including rare remains of a goat tannery from the late Middle Ages.

39 trees for our new garden

The Medlar, the Black Oak, the Fig Tree. These are just some of the 39 mature trees that were planted in our new garden on 8 February 2023. A 58-metre-high crane hoisted the large trees one by one over the museum gate. With the planting, the construction of the garden also started immediately.

Behind the scenes

Renovating a historic artist's home is easier said than done. Before the renovation can begin, the collection has to move. Where do you move the art objects? What are the risks of such a move? And what about transport? Behind the scenes, we are working hard to keep everything on track. You can read how we do that here.

The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

During the closure, the Rubens House will be a guest in other museums. Discover here where you can view the collection of the Rubens House.