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Call For Papers: Rubens In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction. (Un)packing The Rubenianum Library

International conference and film program at the Rubenianum and De Cinema in Antwerp on 9 february 2023

Visit Rubens one last time

The next few weeks are your last chance to visit the Rubens House. On 9 January, the museum will temporarily close for renovation and expansion. The Rubens House will bid farewell to the public with a lavish programme. With concerts, tours, a cocktail tasting, lectures and nocturnes, the Rubens House will bid farewell to the public. Discover the full range we have on offer here.

Virtual flower

You can download your virtual flower below after your purchase. 

Rubens’ Secret

A cocktail foraged in Rubens' garden

The Food Archaeologist went foraging in Rubens' 17th-century city garden and brought along mixologist Hannah Van Ongevalle. Together, they created Rubens' secret, a cocktail/mocktail that blurs the boundaries of time and invites us to the master's garden party.

100% admiration, 50% discount

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) is opening its doors once again and we are celebrating this with a special ticket offer! Buy a ticket to visit KMSKA and get 50% off your visit to the Rubens House.

Repurposing of the garden

The new garden connects the artist’s dwelling with the new reception building. The current garden, which was planted in 1933, will be recovered as much as possible.

New garden to become a green museum gallery

Soon you will be able to enjoy colour 365 days a year in the new garden of the Rubens House. It will be a Baroque garden for all seasons. Work commences in October 2022.

Fund a flower in Rubens’s new garden

To plant the new museum garden, the Rubens House is counting on helping hands. Fund a flower in Rubens’s new garden. You can purchase bulbs, perennials, shrubs and trees from 10 euros.

Museum shop

Not everyone can afford a painting by Rubens but there is no need to worry. You are bound to find an appropriate gift for a Rubens fan or a nice memento of your visit in our museum shop.