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Behind the scenes

Renovating a historic artist's home is easier said than done. Before renovation can begin, the collection must first be relocated. But where do you even start when emptying a museum?

The Rubens House in 3D

Visit us online! Wander around the corridors and rooms of Palazzo Rubens and discover the masterpieces.

Thank you, you were fantastic!

The Rubens House is closed. But that didn't happen without a party. With a richly filled program we said goodbye. In style, that's how Rubens would have wanted it.

The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

During the closure, the Rubens House will be a guest in other museums. Discover here soon where you can view the collection of the Rubens House.

The Rubens House renews

The museum is temporarily closed. Experience twice as much Rubens after the renovation

Rubens will enjoy a new city palace. In the coming years, we will prepare the historic artist's home for the future.

Looking for hidden gems in Antwerp?

Like Rubens, Antwerp is versatile and surprising. Within walking distance of the Rubens House, three cultural gems are up for grabs.

Call For Papers: Rubens In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction. (Un)packing The Rubenianum Library

International conference and film program at the Rubenianum and De Cinema in Antwerp on 9 february 2023

Virtual flower

You can download your virtual flower below after your purchase. 

Rubens’ Secret

A cocktail foraged in Rubens' garden

The Food Archaeologist went foraging in Rubens' 17th-century city garden and brought along mixologist Hannah Van Ongevalle. Together, they created Rubens' secret, a cocktail/mocktail that blurs the boundaries of time and invites us to the master's garden party.