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Group visits

Tours for groups and schools

You are a member of a group or an association of people who are passionate about Rubens. Then we have the perfect excursion for you.

Visiting the museum with your students

Are you looking for an exciting study trip? The Rubens House introduces your students to a passionate and multitalented man. An artist, architect, family man, collector, diplomat… Rubens was all that and more. The museum offers several walks and study materials that are tailor-made for your students, with or without a guide.

Clara Serena, a superstar's daughter

Interactive guided visit for 11-12 year olds

Meet Clara Serena, the eldest daughter of the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens.

Visiting the museum with your company

Impress your colleagues with an excursion to the house of Pietro Paolo Rubens. You don't have to leave Antwerp either.

Rubens's self-portrait

Rubens's self-portrait is one of the eye-catchers and one of the most popular items in the collection.

Restored Jordaens painting reveals its secrets

After a twelve-month long restoration process, Jacob Jordaens's monumental painting "Neptune and Amphitrite" is once again on display in the Rubens House in all its colourful glory. The restoration also brought to light some surprising details.

The young Rubens: three versions of "The Battle of the Amazons"

04.03.14 - 20.04.14

"The Battle of the Amazons" was probably painted before the young Rubens left for Italy in 1600. The painting is interesting for two reasons: it is one of Rubens's oldest known works and his earliest known collaboration with his colleague and good friend Jan I Brueghel.

Rubens maverick artist. The master's theoretical notebook

19.10.13 - 19.01.14

In January 2012, the King Baudouin Foundation purchased the "de Ganay manuscript", donating this valuable manuscript to the Rubens House as a permanent loan. The exhibition "Rubens: maverick artist. The master's theoretical notebook" celebrates this stunning addition to the collection by presenting it to the public.


08.03.13 - 01.09.13

This exhibition focuses on how Rubens's workshop operated. Based on two portraits (of one and the same individual, Michiel Ophovius) "Copy/Paint" reveals a bit more about workshop practice.

Palazzo Rubens. The master as architect

10.09.11 - 11.12.11

Palazzo Rubens. The master as architect reveals a new facet of the versatile artist that Peter Paul Rubens was.