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Het Rubenshuis, foto: Ans Brys.

The Rubens House, ready for the future

A master plan for the master

The Antwerp City Council took the decision, backed by a leverage grant from Tourism Flanders, to draw up a master plan for the Rubens House site. The plan aims to improve the infrastructure and give the Rubens House back the lively and inspiring atmosphere it had in the seventeenth century. It aims to do so with a vision worthy of Rubens, so that the site is firmly anchored in the twenty-first century and ready to face the future.

The masterplan in 60 seconds

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Het Rubenshuis en de tuin

The master plan

Pressure on the site has increased steadily in the seventy-five years since the museum opened. With the impetus provided by a leverage grant from Tourism Flanders, Antwerp City Council asked the Flemish Government Architect on 30 May 2016 to develop a vision for the reception, experience and operation of the Rubens House.

Voorgevel nieuwbouw © Robbrecht en Daem architecten

A new building

The various needs that exist cannot be solved within the existing infrastructure. Expansion is needed – that much is clear. A location study shows that the undeveloped space along 13 Hopland is the most suitable place to achieve this much-needed expansion. It is located behind the garden wall along Hopland, between two taller buildings.

Mensen in het Rubenshuis, foto: Sigrid Spinnox.

A new routing

The new building at 13 Hopland provides breathing space for the entire site, and especially for you, the visitor. Thanks to the new building and the new routing, you will no longer have to dive straight into Rubens’ private life unprepared.

De tuin vanuit de lucht

A newly landscaped garden

The garden was already a green oasis and a place of relaxation in Rubens’ own time. The private quarters, his painting studio, the accommodation for assistants and pupils are all connected to the garden.

Het groot atelier van Rubens, foto: Ans Brys.

Een aangepaste kunstenaarswoning

De nieuwbouw, het omkeren van de routing en het opnieuw aanleggen van de museumtuin bieden samen al deels een antwoord op de groeiende druk op het Rubenshuis. Maar ook aan de kunstenaarswoning zijn onvermijdelijk ingrepen nodig.

Een nieuw onthaal

Timing and cost price

The City of Antwerp and Tourism Flanders are backing the masterplan for the Rubens House. The works will start this autumn, the opening is planned in 2024.

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