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The Rubens House is renovating. The museum is temporarily closed. In the coming years, we will make the historic artist's home ready for the future. 


About the museum

Peter Paul Rubens welcomes you personally to his home, the Rubens House. It was here that Rubens, one of the greatest artists of all time lived with his wife and children. It was here that he painted, together with his assistants, in his magnificent studio. It was here that he strolled around the garden and philosophized with friends. It was here that he cherished his unrivalled collection of art. And it was here that he died in 1640. In this house Rubens reveals his true self, since he personally designed the most important parts of this palazzo on the River Scheldt. An intense experience is awaiting.

The Rubens House is unique in the world: the museum has a collection of masterpieces by the master himself, his colleagues and contemporaries. Their beauty and virtuosity effortlessly span the centuries. The story of Rubens' life is written here.

1_Zicht op het Rubenshuis vanuit de tuin, foto Ans Brys.jpg

Ans Brys

7_Zicht op de binnenplaats en de portiek van het Rubenshuis, foto Ans Brys.jpg

Ans Brys


Ans Brys

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Sigrid Spinnox


Portico and garden pavilion

Rubens had his house altered and extended according to his own design. Eye-catching features include the portico, which marks the transition to the garden, and the garden pavilion. They were exceptional structures that earned him a great deal of praise and admiration.


Compared to his celebrated colleague Rembrandt (1606?–1663), Rubens painted very few self-portraits. He produced just four of them, compared to the 40 or so that his Dutch counterpart managed. Rubens’ self-portrait is one of the main attractions of the Rubens House, not to mention an icon for the city of Antwerp.

Large Studio

Rubens' studio is one of the highlights of the Rubens House. The dimensions of the room are impressive. Most of Rubens' works are created in this studio.

Picture Gallery

Rubens bought and sold art and it was in this room that he displayed his impressive collection. It added further to the artist’s status and glory.


One of the beautiful spots in the Rubens House, is the garden.

Photo: Ans Brys.



The museum is temporarily closed.

In the coming years, we will make the Rubens House ready for the future. The building will undergo thorough restoration and become more sustainable, safe and economical. A new reception building designed by Robbrecht and Daem Architects will rise on the side of Rubens' house. This new entrance will form the starting point of a new and accessible visitor route through the house and garden. The renovated museum will double in size.

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Practical information

The museum is temporarily closed. 



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