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The world is a garden. Hans Vredeman de Vries and Renaissance art

15.09.02 - 08.12.02

This exhibition provided an overview of the garden designs, drawings and coloured prints of the Dutch artist Hans Vredeman de Vries.

The exhibition was organised at the same time as the retrospective about Hans Vredeman de Vries (1527-1607) in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp.

The main reason for organising an exhibition about Vredeman de Vries's garden designs in the Rubens House... is the garden of the Rubens House. Rubens was a great fan of Renaissance art. He made a special effort to import the Renaissance atmosphere in his own garden. This Renaissance garden is represented in great detail in Hans Vredeman de Vries's prints.

The exhibition was composed of 60 works, including all the prints of Vredeman de Vries's garden designs, sketches and coloured prints.