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Hantrax speelt in de Kunstkamer van het Rubenshuis Jeroen Broeckx

Will you write the theme song for the Ruben Garden together with Hantrax?

Open call for artists

Are you a producer or solo artist? Curious about what 16th century music sounds like today? Fancy experimenting with Hantrax? Then register now.

The Rubens House is looking for a producer or solo artist who wants to reinvent music from the 16th and 17th centuries together with Hantrax. You will work with Hantrax on samples and melodies from Rubens' time. And this during a residency in the historic artist's home of the master himself.

The result? An anthem as the theme song of the Rubens Garden and an accompanying podcast. Together with Hantrax, you will present this during a duo performance during the opening programme of the Rubens House.


Like Rubens, Hantrax works on the cutting edge of the arts. His live electronic performances are known to be kinetic and hypnotic. Hantrax draws inspiration from the majestic spaces and historical ambiance of the Rubens House. Experiment, performance, music and baroque go hand in hand for Hantrax.

We offer:

  • A one-week residency (8 to 12 April) at the Rubens House. Technical supervision and support is provided.
  • Coaching by Hantrax and Studio Palermo and a collaboration with Hantrax.
  • A stage opportunity in a unique setting (summer 2024 - date by mutual agreement).
  • Your track will be listened to hundreds of times daily by a large international audience. The Rubenshuis takes care of the correct copyrights and mentions.
  • Fee of 500 euros.


  • Your personal 'touch' to the work is important.
  • You can take time off for the residency week from 8 to 12 April and the concert.
  • Registration is possible until 29 February.


The selection is done via the VI.BE opportunities platform. The Rubens House, together with Hantrax, selects candidates based on their VI.BE profile and a self-made beat.

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