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10_Bezoekers op de binnenplaats, foto Sigrid Spinnox.jpg Sigrid Spinnox

Who we are

The Rubens House relies on a small, but very motivated team. Together we strive to convey our passion and admiration for Rubens and his work to the public every day.


  • Bert Watteeuw: Director
  • Marieke D'hooghe: project leader
  • Annemie Breens: transition manager¬†

Collection and exhibitions

  • Martine Maris: Curator
  • Veerle Allaert: Administrative Assistant
  • Monique Kontzen: conservation and collection management assistant
  • Klara Alen: research curator historical garden¬†
  • Elise Gacoms: coordinator content, digitization & data

Reception and public activities

  • Liene Conard: coordinator of public activities
  • Nele Vervoort: public relations officer
  • Johanna Schavey: administrative assistant


  • Nadia De Vree: Press Officer Museums of the City of Antwerp


  • Harlinde Pellens: Communications
  • Jeroen Lagrou: Communications
  • Louise Govaerts: Communications


  • Sven Hermans: Team Manager


  • Michiel Schul: site administrator¬†