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Visiting the museum with your students

School kids and art, why not? And it should definitely be possible in a cool place like the Rubens House, where one of the greatest painters worldwide once lived.

Primary and secondary school children can learn more about art in a fascinating manner thanks to a wide range of tailor-made activities.

Are you looking for an exciting study trip? The Rubens House introduces your students to a passionate and multitalented man. An artist, architect, family man, collector, diplomat… Rubens was all that and more. The museum offers several walks and study materials that are tailor-made for your students, with or without a guide.


Museum visit without a guide

May we ask you and your class to book your visit at least three weeks in advance? Notify the Rubens House of the number of participants and the date and time of your visit by e-mail to
Visiting the museum is free for your students, if you booked beforehand. Request your visit by e-mail to State the number of participants (max. 15) and the date and time that you wish to visit the museum. After receipt of a confirmation e-mail, you and your students will receive a warm welcome in the museum. Go to the pavilion in front of the museum entrance at the time of your visit to notify the ticket desk that you have arrived. There are group lockers behind the ticket desk.

At the museum’s ticket desk you can choose from a free selection of tours and activities for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years.


Museum visit with a guide

The Rubens House offers a wide range of tours, for all levels of education and training. The tours have been developed according to the developmental objectives and attainment targets. You can find further information below. 


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