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Most of Rubens's works were created in this studio. Here he demonstrated his talent as a painter and organiser.

Rubens's studio is one of the highlights of your visit of the Rubens House. Most of Rubens's works were created in this studio. Rubens was a superstar. Everyone coveted a work by the great artist. The master relied on a small army of talented fellow artists and assistants - who worked in Rubens's style - to fulfil the huge demand for his work.

The dimensions of this space are impressive, like many of the works that were created here.

I admit that I'm naturally inclined to paint really large works rather than small frivolous ones. To each his own. My gift is such that I have never been discouraged by any undertaking, however large or varied it is.

(Rubens to the British diplomat, William Trumbell, Antwerp, 13 September 1621)


The outside

Rubens was not only inspired as an artist by his time in Italy from 1600 until 1608. He also drew inspiration from what he saw as an architect. This is visible in the studio's façade, which was executed in trompe l'oeil (a painting technique whereby a painted object, for example a pillar, is painted to look like a real pillar). The trompe l'oeil was replaced with a bas-relief during a subsequent renovation

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