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Sam Dillemans

30.09.05 - 31.12.05

Sam Dillemans is an important contemporary artist who has been living and working in Antwerp for several years. For this exhibition he was inspired by some well-known works by his illustrious colleague, Peter Paul Rubens.

The outcome is a combination - or possibly a confrontation - of Dillemans's work with works by the master.

The exhibition shows how Rubens still inspires and influences artists even today. Sam Dillemans (b. 1965) was inspired by several of Rubens's masterpieces, such as "The Descent from the Cross", "Adam and Eve", and the self-portrait. Dillemans is not interested in copying his work. He wants to see "where the paint leads him, forces him". The struggle with paint as an expression of an inner passion, drifting ever further away from the master's work. The image only becomes visible when you take a step back.