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Rubens House, palazzo on the Scheldt

Welcome to Peter Paul Rubens's house! His work has inspired artists and art aficionados for over four hundred years. A lot of his work was created in this house.

He renovated this house in the early seventeenth century after his design and ideas.

“He purchased a large house in Antwerp, which he renovated in the "Roman" style and he decorated it and adapted the interior to make it suitable for an important painter and someone who is fond of beautiful objects.” (Roger de Piles, 1681)

It is here, in the centre of Antwerp, that Rubens lived with his family and worked with his colleagues and assistants in his studio. Here he received important patrons and cherished his unique art collection. Here he also enjoyed the splendour of his garden.

The Rubens House is a unique experience for visitors thanks to its amazing collection of masterpieces by Rubens, his colleagues and contemporaries. This unique museum, the master's house, is the only place in the world where Rubens's presence is so tangible. And you are here as his guest.

During this tour you will learn more about the famous painter and Antwerp in his time.


Practical details

The tour is based on Rubens's life and the Rubens House's permanent collection. During the tour you will pass through the exhibition "Rubens in private" but it will not be covered in detail during your visit.

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Price for the guide: € 75 + € 5 administration fee
  • Maximum 15 people per guide.
  • Admission to the museum is not included in the price of the guide.
  • The discounted rate of € 6 applies for groups of 12 people or more.



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