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Renovations extend to Kolveniershof

The museum is currently closed for expansion and renovations. Works on the new building and garden are on schedule. The plan for the museum has been updated: it will be restored together with the Colveniershof. The earliest it will open is 2030.

The museum is currently closed for expansion and renovation. Work on the new building on Hopland and in the garden is progressing well. The structural work is almost reaching its highest point. Bushes, shrubs and bulbs will be planted in the garden this autumn and next spring. Opening by summer 2024 is feasible.

Zicht vanop de werf op de bovenste verdieping van de nieuwbouw Frederik Beyens Sfeerfoto tijdens aanplanten van de nieuwe tuin. LUCID

The museum's restoration is causing unexpectedly high costs due to the huge increase in raw material prices. Asbestos has also been discovered in several places. To respect the total renovation budget, the museum and the Kolveniershof will be restored together. This way, we will use the money carefully without sacrificing quality. Opening is in 2030 at the earliest.

What exactly is changing?

The Kolveniershof is located behind the Rubens House. In Rubens's time, the town's militia guild met here. It is now the repository for a rich library and documentation, which will soon be housed in the new building on Hopland.

Gevel Kolveniershof LUCID Interieur Kolveniershof Bart Huysmans & Michel Wuyts

In an earlier schedule, the renovation of the Kolveniershof was the last part of all renovations for the Rubens House. To save costs, the sites will be combined. The Kolveniershof will now be restored together with the museum.

The museum is currently working on a detailed plan of action. More greenery, to compensate for the new building on Hopland, and good accessibility are important. 

In the future, activities for the public, such as workshops or lectures, will be organised in the Kolveniershof.

What happens in and around the Rubens House?

We are studying how to carefully remove the asbestos. Some interventions to the interior are also planned. For the art collection, we are proceeding in the same way as today: we are looking for other places around the world to display our artworks in anticipation of the reopening.

A number of artworks will be on display in the new building on Hopland. That will open together with the new garden in the summer of 2024.

Nieuwbouw Design by Robbrecht en Daem architecten, image by G2 Architectural Render tuin Ars Horti