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Job openings and traineeships

You can contribute to the Rubens House's activities as an employee or as a trainee.

Working for the Rubens House

Currently there are no job openings in the Rubens House. Should any employment opportunities arise, we shall publish them through the City of Antwerp's job database. You can also create an account. You will then be notified of new job openings.


Traineeships in the Rubens House

The Rubens House offers various traineeship opportunities, which are quite diverse. You will be supervised and counselled by employees and will learn to work independently. A preference for the art of Rubens and his time is imperative.

There are traineeships available for students in art history, art and culture mediation, culture management and other, similar education programmes. Generally speaking, the traineeship consists of one main assignment, which the trainee carries out independently. In addition to this, the trainee works in the Rubens House on a daily basis, learning more about the various aspects of a museum's operations.