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Garden and pergola

One of the most beautiful spots in Rubens's house is the garden. The garden is a reconstruction of the garden that Rubens would have envisaged.

Currently the garden and pergola are being restored. As a result, access to the pergola is prohibited for safety reasons. By the end of 2018 you will be able to fully enjoy the garden and pergola again.


Back to Rubens's garden

When the City of Antwerp purchased Rubens's house in 1937, it intended to rebuild Rubens's house and garden as faithfully as possible. The researchers relied on horticultural data and seventeenth-century works for the re-design of the garden. Rubens's painting "Strolling in the garden" also proved a valuable source of information. It was used as a reference for rebuilding the pergola and garden gates in 1947. In 1993, the existing plants were replaced with plant species that would have grown in Rubens's seventeenth-century garden, on the occasion of Antwerp European Capital of Culture.


The restoration, step by step

The fountain was repaired and the pergola dismantled.

The pergola and garden gates will be restored or rebuilt.

The garden will be re-landscaped based on the 1993 scheme.

As of the end of 2018
You can fully enjoy the re-landscaped garden again.