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Stilleven met haas

Frans Snyders

A still-life is a composition of motionless objects painted from life. The skill was to emulate reality as accurately as possible. Snyders's virtuosity in the genre was unmatched.

The hare's stiff coat, the fragile porcelain of the dish, the translucent sheen of the grapes, the gleaming metal of the tazza... All these items are rendered almost tangibly.  At the centre of the composition is the boiled lobster: the artist used its striking red colour as a bold accent in the painting.

This stunning still-life, which was probably painted around 1613, only recently resurfaced. It is an important addition to Snyders's body of work.



  • Frans Snyders (1579-1657)
  • Still-life with a hare, "tazza", grapes and lobster
  • Oil on canvas