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Become a donor

Your donation, gift or bequest can make a major difference for achieving the Rubens House's mission. Your donation, gift or bequest will be used as a contribution to conservation, restoration, scientific research, acquisitions, presentations or exhibitions, for which the museum has insufficient resources and funding.

If you donate to the Rubens House, you will continue to make a difference. You will become part of our story with your donation.

There are various ways of donating. Everything depends on your personal situation of course.


How can you donate to the Rubens House?

Financial donations

The support of many generous private individuals plays a vital role in our museum. Do you like the Rubens House? Then show your support by donating. You can donate to the Rubens House by bank transfer through the King Baudouin Foundation. Go to, where you can immediately transfer your donation. Moreover, this donation is tax-deductible (Art. 104 WIB).

Donations to a certified charity are deducted from your taxable income. You will receive a tax certificate the year after. Almost half of your donation will be reimbursed by the taxes.

Make a gift

Donate an object

Are you considering donating an item to the Rubens House? Do you own an artwork that may be valuable for the Rubens House's collection?  Do you wish to donate this to the Rubens House? Then contact us at

The collection managers of the Rubens House's museum team will gladly check whether your work of art fulfils the criteria.

Through a bequest

Making a bequest to the Rubens House (of an unspecified amount of money, an object or property from your estate) will cost you nothing today but it will prove extremely valuable for the Rubens House in the future.

The option of the dual bequest is also an interesting option: you leave a sum of money or an item to your legal heir and another sum of money or item to a charity or heritage foundation. The heritage foundation will then pay the inheritance tax for itself and for your legal heir. This means your legal heir will not have to pay the inheritance tax. Read more about this at

If you decide to bequeath something to the Rubens House, we suggest you discuss this first with your notary (read more at Obviously you are also free to involve us in your future plans. Naturally we will treat any information in the utmost confidentiality and with the utmost discretion. In no way does this signify a commitment on your behalf. We wish to thank you sincerely however if you should wish to share your intentions with us.


More info?

Feel free to contact us at