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Become a benefactor

As a benefactor you commit to the Rubens House and its cultural and social objectives. At the same time, you contribute to the development of society. Moreover, this collaboration offers your company the opportunity to achieve major objectives by sponsoring cultural events and organisations.

A win-win situation: but how do you stand to benefit as a benefactor?

Investing money in culture generates prestige as well as broadening your company's image. Your company can capitalise on art and culture in its marketing strategy.

Sponsoring a museum means your company positions itself as a good citizen. You provide every visitor with continual proof of your commitment. What's more, the Rubens House is a prestigious calling card for your company.

And we also do something for you in return. With every sponsorship package you receive exposure and hospitality returns: noticeable visibility, participation in important networking events for you and your contacts, free admission to the museum and events, use of the historical infrastructure for your exclusive corporate events.

So you will score well in terms of brand awareness, B2B networking and incentives. Other advantages include “entertaining”, “reaching a new audience” and “CSR”.


How and what do you sponsor?

You can become a benefactor with various formulas and on different levels, ranging from project-specific sponsorships to structural partnerships and even contributing "in kind".

Choose a sponsorship package for a short-term, project-based partnership and your contribution may be used for a major restoration, acquisition, scientific research or exhibition presentation.

Do you prefer a more long-term approach? Then become a structural corporate partner, over a period of several years as well as supporting a specific aspect of our museum activities.


How to become a benefactor?

Contact the museum: or tel. +32 3 201 15 55.

We are open to all of your wishes and will develop a custom sponsorship package for you.

Every sponsorship is relevant to us - regardless of its scope. We are very grateful to every sponsor.