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Museum shop

Not everyone can afford a painting by Rubens but there is no need to worry. You are bound to find an appropriate gift for a Rubens fan or a nice memento of your visit in our museum shop.

We have a whole panoply of irresistible items in our shop including art publications and art magazines, greeting cards, fun gadgets, stationery, clothes, accessories and much more.

The museum shop is located in the pavilion in front of the Rubens House. The shop is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 4:30 pm.

Recently added

How about a foldable vase, a stunning apron, a handy case for your handbag or a deliciously scented soap? The latest additions to our shop collection are all inspired by ‘The Gallery of the Cornelis van der Geest’, the recently-restored masterpiece which also happens to be one of the eye-catchers in the collection of the Rubens House. Find out more below.

A 17th-century apron

Cook in style with this beautifully-finished apron, inspired by the collection of the Rubens House. Choose between two original patterns. One print takes its inspiration from ‘The Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest’, the restored international masterpiece in our collection. The other apron features the figurative tiles of Rubens’s authentic kitchen from 1610.

Price: 29 euros

Foldable vase

Flowers make everyone feel better. Are you looking for a more original or sustainable gift? Consider a vase, a foldable one at that. Hand-made, ecological, featuring a fantastic print from ‘The Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest’. Nice to know: this sturdy vase is made from waterproof foam.

Price: 16 euros

A handy, stylish case

Do you always have to rummage around in your purse to find what you are looking for? This striking, multipurpose case is just the solution for you. The brightly-coloured case is easy to spot. Use it as a pen case, toiletry bag or make-up pouch. Featuring a stylish detail from ‘The Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest’.

Price: 18 euros

Deliciously scented soap

Never before have so many of us been so attentive to the cleanliness of our hands. This deliciously scented soap, which draws on ‘The Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest’ for inspiration, takes hand washing to the next level. And thanks to the lovely packaging, this popular toiletry item is a feast for your hands, nose and eyes.

Price: 8 euros

Stop in

Museum shop of the Rubens House

  • Glass pavilion in front of the main entrance (Wapper 9-11, 2000 Antwerp)
  • Open from Tuesday until Sunday from 10 am until 4.30 pm.
  • Free admission