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Looking for hidden gems in Antwerp?

Like Rubens, Antwerp is versatile and surprising. Within walking distance of the Rubens House, three cultural gems are up for grabs.

Museum Mayer van den Bergh

The Museum Mayer van den Bergh immerses you in a very special, intimate atmosphere. You will be introduced to a wonderful collection and to the man who assembled it on his own. And to the world-famous Mad Meg by Pieter Bruegel.

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The Nottebohm Room

The Nottebohm Room is a hidden gem. The first 150,000 items in the library’s catalogue are preserved here in a breath-taking, historical setting. You can also discover the magic of this unique place in the heart of Antwerp on your own.

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Museum Plantin-Moretus

The original residence and workshop of the Plantin and Moretus publishing dynasty offers you a unique historical experience, which is why it is a Unesco world heritage site. The oldest printing presses in the world can be found here, and much more besides...

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