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Timing and cost price

The City of Antwerp and Tourism Flanders are backing the masterplan for the Rubens House. The works will start this autumn, the opening is planned in 2024.

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  • Winter 2021: Garden Works Phase 1
  • January 2022–January 2024: Hopland Newbuild
  • Mid-2022–December 2023: Rubens House Works
  • Autumn 2023–spring 2024: Garden Works Phase 2
  • 2024: Interior Works Hopland Newbuild and Rubens House
  • In the course of 2024: opening of upgraded Rubens House


Cost price

An important lever for the development of the master plan is a grant from Tourism Flanders of just under 3 million euros. The subsidy is a contribution to a total vision for the artist’s home and surroundings, drawn up in close consultation with the Flanders Heritage Agency.

The City of Antwerp is backing this integrated plan with a generous investment. In the current policy period, for instance, 17 million euros will be spent on the new building at 13 Hopland, the remodelling of the museum garden, the reversal of the museum route and the elimination of a number of bottlenecks in the artist’s home.

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The Rubens House, ready for the future

A master plan for the master

The Antwerp City Council took the decision, backed by a leverage grant from Tourism Flanders, to draw up a master plan for the Rubens House site. The plan aims to improve the infrastructure and give the Rubens House back the lively and inspiring atmosphere it had in the seventeenth century. It aims to do so with a vision worthy of Rubens, so that the site is firmly anchored in the twenty-first century and ready to face the future.

An interview with architect Paul Robbrecht

Robbrecht and Daem architects

We spoke with Paul Robbrecht from Robbrecht and Daem architects about his fascination for Rubens and how he was inspired by the master in the concept for the new reception building.