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Rubens in private

Temporary exhibition

In "Rubens in private" you can discover another, more private side to Rubens, as a painter of portraits of his family members. Fifty stunning portraits of his loved ones return home for the first time in a very long time.

Rondleidingen met gids

'Rubens privé', een verhaal van vreugde en verdriet

Kom samen met uw groep of vereniging op bezoek bij een van Antwerpens beroemdste families: de Rubens’en.


Helena Fourment

Helena Fourment

Portrait of Rubens's second wife, summer of 1637

My sisters have married dignified gentlemen. But I, the youngest of them all, have been married to the most famous man in Antwerp for over six years. Why he chose me, you ask? He told me once. Because he had already painted me even before I was born. I am the blonde saint in the painting above his mother's grave. The nymph he immortalised in Italy.

Isabella Brant

A portrait of Rubens's first wife, 1625

Isabella Brant, Peter Paul Rubens's first wife. They married on 13 October 1609 in St. Michael's Abbey and had three children: Clara, Albert and Nicolaas.

Clara Serena Rubens

Clara Serena, the sweet and lively eldest daughter of Peter Paul Rubens and Isabella Brant. She had a delightful childhood. In 1623, she suddenly fell ill.

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