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Caring for our collection

The Rubens House works with independent restorers or the Restoration and Conservation Service of the museums of the City of Antwerp for all restoration work. This passionate team specialises in the conservation and restoration of all the collections of the city's museums. Below is an overview of the items that will soon undergo or are undergoing restoration or have been recently restored.

Restoration of portico and garden pavilion completed

The imposing portico and garden pavilion at the Rubens House can now be viewed again by the public. After a year and a half, their restoration is complete. Rubens designed both features himself, making them rare evidence of Rubens as an architect.

Rubens's self-portrait

Rubens's self-portrait is one of the eye-catchers and one of the most popular items in the collection.

Gerestaureerde Jordaens geeft geheimen prijs

Restored Jordaens painting reveals its secrets

After a twelve-month long restoration process, Jacob Jordaens's monumental painting "Neptune and Amphitrite" is once again on display in the Rubens House in all its colourful glory. The restoration also brought to light some surprising details.