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Mensen in het Rubenshuis, foto: Sigrid Spinnox.

A new routing

The new building at 13 Hopland provides breathing space for the entire site, and especially for you, the visitor. Thanks to the new building and the new routing, you will no longer have to dive straight into Rubens’ private life unprepared.

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From the redeveloped Wapper, where the temporary pavilion will disappear and you will once again have an unobstructed view of the facade, the routing will now begin via the new building. You will have the time and space there to acclimatize, leave the twenty-first century behind, step by step, and move steadily deeper into Rubens’ living and working world.

In the experience centre, you will be immersed in the vibrant universe in which Rubens lived and worked. You will then exit 13 Hopland via the garden to enter the studio wing on the left, where you will begin a meandering circuit to discover the artist and the human being. In the Flemish wing, you will gain an insight bit by bit into the private life of Rubens and his family.

And just when you think you have fully made his acquaintance, Rubens will conjure up one last surprise for you: the breathtaking portico that he designed himself, which will draw the visitor towards the equally stunning garden pavilion.

After this grandiose final chord, you will not be left feeling lost and overwhelmed, but will be given the time and space to return to the reception area via the newly laid-out garden, enjoying a gentle afterglow. You will be able to linger there a little longer, browse the shop or talk about your visit in the museum café before returning to the reality of the twenty-first century.

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De tuin vanuit de lucht

A newly landscaped garden

The garden was already a green oasis and a place of relaxation in Rubens’ own time. The private quarters, his painting studio, the accommodation for assistants and pupils are all connected to the garden.