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Het groot atelier van Rubens, foto: Ans Brys.

An adapted Rubens House

The new building, the reversal of the routing and the reinstatement of the museum garden together offer a partial answer to the growing pressure on the Rubens House. But the artist’s home itself naturally remains the key attraction. Interventions will thus be inevitable here too to alleviate the pressure and preserve the museum for future generations.

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Fundamental changes are not always possible due to the building’s historic character. Smart, surgically precise interventions can, however, already eliminate many of the problems. Within these limits, the City Council is seeking to achieve the following ambitions:

  • Improve the comfort of visitors and staff, including climate control.
  • Enhance the experience of the historic building, by removing unsightly technical elements, for instance.
  • Bolster the museum’s image. Improving climate control, for instance, should ensure that the Rubens House will still be able to accommodate international masterpieces in the future.
  • Optimize care of the extremely valuable collection through adequate preventative conservation.
  • Optimize the care of the historic building, including responsible structural modifications to counteract the climatological impact on the interior and to improve the indoor climate.
  • Achieve a more ecological museum building through sustainable techniques and energy-efficient solutions.

At the same time, it is being investigated whether the accessibility of the artist’s home can be improved without harming its historic character. One point of attention here is the full accessibility of the museum’s exhibition spaces.

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Timing and cost price

The City of Antwerp and Tourism Flanders are backing the masterplan for the Rubens House. The works will start this autumn, the opening is planned in 2024.