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Diana en haar nimfen

Acquisitions and loans

The Rubens House continues to add to its permanent collection. It does this in two ways: With works that the museum buys (acquisitions) or loans from a private or other museum collection. These loans are then exhibited in the Rubens House for extended periods of time.



Paul Bril

Landscape with Nymphs and Satyrs

Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of a lady holding a necklace

Anthony van Dyck

Christ and Six Apostles, (Fragment of The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes)

Arnout Vinckenborch

The Raising of Lazarus

Cornelis Schut

Cimon and Iphigenia

Lucas Faydherbe

Bacchante en Dronken Silenus

Otto van Veen

The Capture of Rome


Venetian admiral, probably Francesco Duodo

Peter Paul Rubens

Emperor Aulus Vitellius Germanicus Augustus and emperor Titus Flavius Vespasian

Daniël Seghers

Still-life of a vase of flowers

Adam de Coster

A man holding a glass of wine and a youth, by candlelight

Frans Floris

Study of a Head of a Bearded Man

Anthony van Dyck

Portrait of Marguerite de Lorraine

Cornelis de Heem

Still Life with a Berkemeier, a Peeled Lemon, Grapes and Oysters

Anthony van Dyck

Portrait of a Brussel aldermen

Jan Cossiers

Portrait of a gentleman

Adriaen van Utrecht

Still Life of Vegetables

Justus van Egmont

The reconciliation of the Romans and the Sabines

Gerard Seghers

The denial of Peter

Frans Snyders

Still-life with a hare, "tazza", grapes and lobster

Jan I Bruegel

Monkeys' feasting (singerie)

Alexander Adriaenssen

Still-life with fruit, fish, vegetables and poultry