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Het groot atelier van Rubens, foto: Ans Brys.

A restored artist’s dwelling

The new-build, the reversed routing, and the redevelopment of the museum garden combined provide a partial response to the growing pressure on the Rubens House. The greatest attraction continues to be the artist’s home, of course. Here too, crucial interventions are needed to counter the pressure and preserve the museum for future generations.

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With the revamp of the artist’s home in Wapper, the museum is thus renovating his largest masterpiece. The restoration will create more space for visitors and international exhibitions. The museum will also be fitted with optimised climate control, that meets the highest international standards. A comprehensive restoration of the museum’s interior will enhance the experience while the addition of a lift means the museum will become largely accessible for people with disabilities.

All the interventions will take place within the existing walls with the greatest care. The overall execution of the comprehensive master plan for the Rubens House ensures all these issues will be addressed and resolved for the following decades.

  • The museum will be adapted to the new routing, with an introductory space and additional galleries for permanent use.
  • The gardener’s cottage will be restored and be open to the public.
  • The temporary and permanent exhibition galleries on the upper floor of the Italianate wing will become accessible, following the installation of a lift.
  • All the (new) building services will be centralised in the new cellar in the garden. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of fire and water damage.
  • A cellar will be built under the winter corridor, creating new storage space and a modest professional art depot (both spaces can be accessed via the lift).
  • New sanitation and facilities for museum staff will be installed in the freed-up spaces (which can all be accessed via the lift).
  • Climate control will be installed throughout the museum, combining passive control strategies in the building with new techniques.
  • A comprehensive interior restoration of the entire dwelling.

The Rubens House will remain open up to and including 8 January 2023. Learn more about how the refurbishment will impact your visit.