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Vrijwilliger in het museum

Behind the scenes

Renovating a historic artist's home is easier said than done. Before renovation can begin, the collection must first be relocated. Where do you house the art objects? What are the risks of such a move? And what about transport? Behind the scenes, we are busy making sure everything is on track. You can find out how we do that here.

During the renovation, the museum must be completely empty. In the coming months, about 40 employees will move the entire collection. Some of the works will go to depots. Others are on loan elsewhere for display or restoration. But it's not just paintings; our collection also includes pieces of furniture, sculptures, household goods, textiles, coins, drawings and documents.

Moving each collection piece involves a whole series of operations. These include checking data in the database, checking for mould and woodworm, and cleaning, labelling and packing the artwork. Transport is also a challenge, as is determining the insurance value. All these actions involve risks, which we try to assess as best we can in advance.

In recent months, the roadmap for moving the collection has been meticulously prepared. The move will take several months. 

The art collection in figures:

  • 73 paintings
  • 39 pieces of furniture
  • 20 sculptures
  • 77 household items
  • 729 coins