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Banner with text: The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

The masterpieces on loan from the Rubens House

During the closure, the Rubens House will be a guest in other museums. Discover here where you can view the collection of the Rubens House.



Step inside DIVA and marvel at the beauty of diamonds, jewellery and silver in the revamped permanent expo 'DIVA, a Brilliant Story'.

From the 15th century, Antwerp's Grote Markt and the surrounding streets were the 'place to be' for anyone who was looking to find objects made of gold, silver and gemstones. Join us on a journey in the diamond capital of the world and discover the stories from raw material to object, from Antwerp's heyday to today. In one story, spread over seven rooms, you will discover DIVA's magnificent collection and the extraordinary craftsmanship of not only diamond workers, but also gold- and silversmiths.

Halssnoer uit goud, email en kwartskristal, volgens oplevering toebehorend aan Helene Fourment

Necklace belonging to Helena Fourment, gold, enamel and quartz crystal, permanent loan Academy of Antwerp¬¬, permanent loan

Het Steen

Schilderij van een dame op een vismarkt

Adriaen Van Utrecht and Marten Pepijn, A lady on the Fish Market in Antwerp, oil on canvas

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA)

Jacob Jordaens, Neptunus en Amphitrite

Jacob Jordaens, Neptune and Amphitrite, oil on canvas, permanent loan collection Flemish Community

De slaap van Silenus, brons en lapis lazuli

François du Quesnoy, The Sleep of Silenus, bronze and lapis lazuli

Heilige Matheus, olieverf op paneel

Anthony van Dyck, Saint Mathew, oil on panel, permanent loan King Baudouin Foundation

Doedelzakspeler, olieverf op doek

Jacob Jordaens, Bagpiper, oil on canvas, permanent loan King Baudouin Foundation


Ontwerp voor de bekroning van het hoogaltaar van de Antwerpse jezuïetenkerk (?), olieverfschets op paneel

Peter Paul Rubens, Cornice decoration for the high altar at the Jesuit Church in Antwerp (?), oil sketch on panel


Later this year in the permanent collection

Stilleven met Nautilusbeker, olieverf op paneel

Unknown artist, Still life with Nautilus cup, oil on panel


Unknown, Tile tableau with landscape and coat of arms surrounded by garland, RH.A.137, Collection City of Antwerp, Rubenshuis

EXHIBITION: Rare & Indispensable

31 October 2023 till 25 February 2024

Michelangelo, Magritte, Francis Bacon, Ensor, Henry Moore, Van Dyck and Rubens are just a few of the world-famous names on display at the MAS in autumn 2023. The unmissable exhibition 'Rare and Indispensable' displays a unique selection of the works from the Flemish Masterpiece List. Works of art, manuscripts and artefacts for which visitors would otherwise have to comb through Flanders are now temporarily on display in one place. Some of the pieces are on display for the first time. All of this is being done in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Flemish Outstanding Artefacts Decree.

Peter Paul Rubens, Zelfportret

Peter Paul Rubens, Self-portrait, oil on panel

Schilderij van Hendrik IV in de slag bij Ivry

Peter Paul Rubens, Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry, oil on canvas

De Kunstkamer van Cornelis van der Geest, olieverf op paneel

Willem Van Haecht, The Picture Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest, oil on panel

Sierkan en schaal, in zilver door Theodoor I Rogiers

Theodoor Rogiers, Ewer and basin, on permanent loan from the King Baudouin Foundation

Buste van ‘Seneca’, Romeins, 1ste eeuw n.C., marmer

Bust of 'Seneca', Roman, 1st century AD, marble

13.	Trapezophoros, 2de eeuw, marmer

Trapezophoros, Greece or Asia Minor, 2nd century, marble

Liber Amicorum van Nicolaas Rockox, manuscript

Liber Amicorum of Nicolaas Rockox, manuscript

Adam en Eva, ivoor

Georg Petel, Adam and Eve, ivory

Kunstkast versierd met schilderijtjes

Art cabinet, Antwerp, c. 1640, oak veneered with ebony, decorated with paintings on copper by Victor Wolfvoet

Museum Plantin-Moretus

In the permanent collection

De aartshertogen Albrecht en Isabella in de tuin van hun kasteel op de Coudenberg te Brussel, olieverf op paneel

Jan II Brueghel, The Archdukes Albrecht and Isabella in the garden of their castle at Coudenberg in Brussels, oil on panel

De aanbidding van de herders, olieverfschets op paneel

Peter Paul Rubens, The Adoration of the Shepherds, oil sketch on panel

Hercules, terracotta

Lucas Faydherbe, Hercules, terracotta, permanent loan King Baudouin Foundation

Zonnewijzer, messing

Jacobus de Succa, Sundial, brass

Huisaltaar met voorstelling van O.L.Vrouw, de H. Anna en de H. Joachim

House altar depicting Our Lady, St Anne and St Joachim

EXHIBITION: From scribble to cartoon: Drawings from Bruegel to Rubens

17 November 2023 tot 18 February 2024

In this exhibition, the Museum Plantin-Moretus shows the 85 most beautiful old master drawings from Flemish collections. From scribble to cartoon: Drawings from Bruegel to Rubens gives an astonishing and representative overview of the art of drawing in our regions in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Peter Paul Rubens, Torso Belvedere, RH.S.109, Collectie Stad Antwerpen, Rubenshuis

Peter Paul Rubens, Torso Belvedere, RH.S.109, Collectie Stad Antwerpen, Rubenshuis

Peter Paul Rubens, Torso Belvedere, RH.S.109, City of Antwerp Collection, Rubenshuis

Hercules en de leeuw van Nemea in terracotta

Unknown artist, Hercules and the lion of Nemea, terracotta

The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK)

In the permanent collection

De Annunciatie, olieverf op doek

Peter Paul Rubens, The Annunciation, oil on canvas

Drinkende boer, olieverf op paneel

Adriaen Brouwer, Peasant drinking, oil on panel

Boeren op weg naar de markt, olieverf op doek

Jan Boeckhorst and Frans Snijders, Farmers on their way to the market, oil on canvas 

Zelfportert van Jacob Jordaens

Jacob Jordaens, Self-portrait, painting, permanent loan King Baudouin Foundation 

The Snijders&Rockox House

In the permanent collection


Interieur van de Antwerpse jezuïetenkerk, olieverf op marmer

Wilhelm Schubert of Ehrenberg, Interior of the Antwerp Jesuit church, oil on marble


Nicolaas Rockox, olieverf op paneel

Otto van Veen, Nicolaas Rockox, oil on panel 

De heilige Clara van Assisi/De Heilige Clara houdt de Saraceense legers tegen door middel van het Heilige Sacrament, olieverfschets op paneel

Peter Paul Rubens, Saint Clare of Assisi/Saint Clare stops the Saracen armies through the Blessed Sacrament, oil sketch on panel 

Stilleven met wild en fruit, olieverf op paneel

Frans Snijders, Still life with game and fruit, oil on panel 

De kleine Hercules worstelt met een slang, olieverf op koper

Otto van Veen, The little Hercules wrestles with a snake, oil on copper 

Hoofd van Jupiter (fragment), olieverf op doek

Anthony van Dyck, Head of Jupiter (fragment), oil on canvas, private collection

Hoofdstudie, olieverf op doek

Peter Paul Rubens (studio), Head study, oil on canvas, private collection 

Buste van Hercules

Bust of Hercules, plaster 


Buste van Vitellius

Bust of Vitellius, 16th century, lava on marble base 


Borgesische Gladiator in brons

Lombardi, Borgesian Gladiator, bronze 

Sater in terracotta

Servaes Cardon, Satyr, terracotta 

Hercules en de leeuw van Nemea in terracotta

Unknown artist, Hercules and the lion of Nemea, terracotta 

Dronken Bacchus, reliëf in terracotta

Lucas Faydherbe, Drunken Bacchus, relief, terracotta 

Bacchante in terracotta

Lucas Faydherbe, Bacchante, terracotta 

Romeinse urne

Roman urn, 2nd century AD, marble, private collection 


Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, United Kingdom

EXHIBITION: 'Rubens & Women' 

Still until 28 January 2024

Rubens & Womena major exhibition of the Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640), will unite over 40 paintings and drawings from the artist's career. The exhibition will be the first to challenge the popular assumption that Rubens painted only one type of woman, providing instead a more nuanced view of the artist who painted more portraits of his wives and children than almost any other, even Rembrandt. The exhibition reveals the varied and important place occupied by women, both real and imagined, in his world.

Peter Paul Rubens, Adam en Eva (detail), RH.S.164, Collectie Stad Antwerpen, Rubenshuis

Peter Paul Rubens, Adam en Eva (detail), RH.S.164, Collectie Stad Antwerpen, Rubenshuis

The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, United States

Later this year in the permanent collection


Jacob Jordaens, Moses and his Ethiopian wife Seporah, oil on canvas, Flemish Community Collection

Palazzo Te, Mantua, Italy

EXHIBITION: 'Rubens in Palazzo Te: Schilderkunst, transformatie en vrijheid

7 October 2023 tot 7 January 2024

From October 7th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024, Mantua’s Palazzo Te dedicates to Rubens the research exhibition Rubens at Palazzo Te. Painting, Transformation and Freedom, which will focus in particular on the relationship between the Flemish painter and the mythological culture he encountered in Italy. 

Sebastiaan Vranckx, Italian garden with gallery and figures, oil on panel

Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy

EXHIBTION: 'The touch of Pygmalion. Rubens and sculpture in Rome'.

14 November 2023 to 18 February 2024

From November 14th, 2023, to February 18th, 2024, Galleria Borghese will hold the exhibition Pygmalion’s touch. Rubens and Sculpture in Rome, curated by Francesca Cappelletti and Lucia Simonato. The exhibition will explore how the influences of Rubens’ trip to Italy in the first decade of the 17th century take on a decisive new vigour in the years following the return to his homeland, also thanks to the Italian stays of his Flemish pupils.

De slaap van Silenus, brons en lapis lazuli

Frans Duquesnoy, The sleep of Silenus, RH.B.046, City of Antwerp Collection, Rubenshuis